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Yep, the old hag on the picture is yours truly with a Bruichladdich valinch at her lips. Those were totally different times!!

If you’ve found this post, it’s very likely that you know me from Twitter and/or from my other blog, Irish drams. So what is this site and why am I running it? Am I not happy enough blogging at Irish drams, and other places?

During the nasty year of 2020, the whisky community has been very active with new livestreams and online events – online whisky festivals, tweet tastings, zoom tastings and whatnot. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about many different brands and distilleries, from all over the world. Actually the pandemic has given new opportunities to discover whisky brands I didn’t know much about, and to learn more about newer distilleries. I’ve had a blast watching all these livestream and learning more about whisky brands in England, France, Australia, Finland, and some Scottish brands I didn’t know much about. I’ve also done (and still do from time to time) whisky sample swaps with people I know from Twitter, so I’ve had opportunities to taste some interesting new whiskies that would otherwise be difficult to source.

Whisky tasting at Bruichladdich distillery 2017

During this time, I’ve missed having a place online to chat about other whiskies and collect my tasting notes of non-Irish whiskies.

My Irish whiskey blog has become a very useful collection of personal tasting notes, that I go back to quite often when I wonder what I used to think of a certain whiskey. I hope I can use this site to create a similar collection for other whiskies.

Here I plan to share my tasting experiences, stories from whisky trips, and general whisky related thoughts and reflections. I tend to get very perfectionist about things I do, but with this site my intention is to let myself be an amateur, relax, and enjoy myself while I chat away about whisky.

More than whisky

I obviously have a big interest in whisky, but I have something else in life that is more important, and that is music. This summer I’ve taken up the guitar again after a few months away from it, and I’ve been inspired to start learning bluegrass flatpicking again. I tried it a few years ago but had to give it up then because of the lack of time. Now I have the time and also the dedication. My first tune when I went from chords to learning tunes in June was actually “Whiskey before breakfast” – or as we call it, “Scottish breakfast”.

Whisky and music is a good mix, and just recently I was yet again inspired to try to use that on the blog somehow. I’ll find ways to add in my favourite guitar tunes here and there on the blog when I can! Not necessarily played by myself, so there’s no need to leave yet!

To find my other blog, feel free to visit Irish drams if you haven’t already!

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