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Teeling series: 15-year-old single malt for Supervalu

Good things come to those who… know the right people. I’ve had some good chats on Twitter recently and have some new contacts there.

A mysterious bottle of Teeling whiskey showed up in my feed one day. Well, at least it was mysterious to me because I had never heard that Teeling did bottlings for Supervalu. I asked my better half to look for it at our local shop, but there was little hope to find one. We rarely find any Teeling whiskeys in our area for some reason, unless we order them to the Off Licence. Later I also realised that this particular whiskey was bottled in 2018 so it was probably already long gone, except for certain very fortunate people that I know on Twitter.

Teeling 15-year-old single malt

It’s been a while since I wrote about Teeling and I’m glad to have the opportunity to mention this very tasty whiskey. This is a 15-year-old single malt, bottled at 46% ABV, and it seems to be fully matured in a sherry cask.


The very first impression is dark chocolate, orange and laundry soap. Sounds weird… but the soap disappears quite quickly, and is replaced by leather and some toffee.


There are some lovely things going on here. A creamy mouthfeel. Rich flavours of dark chocolate, subtle orange and there’s a strong flavour of foam banana. Perhaps some coconut too. There’s light spice at the end, that mixes well with the dark chocolate.

Teeling 15-year-old single malt

This old Cooley stock managed and bottled by Teeling truly is a gold mine! This is/was a lovely whiskey. I hope someone else will be lucky enough to find another bottle in their Supervalu.

A big thank you to Greg for the sample and the photos of the bottle.

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