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Red Earl Irish whiskey

Red Earl is a very pleasant whiskey in a series of two other Earls – Spanish Earl and Great Earl. These are sourced whiskeys under the name of Kinsale Spirits Company, and their portfolio includes Kinsale gin and the Battle of Kinsale whiskey series.

Kinsale is a beautiful, colourful and vibrant little town in West Cork. It’s a popular destination for tourists, with good places to eat and drink, art galleries, shops, and a lovely whiskey bar is also located here – Malt lane aka The Folk House. There’s a little port, an old fort, and a famous golf course at Old Head, where you can also visit the Lusitania memorial.

Kinsale spirits company has been known a while for their gin, and I heard about their whiskeys sometime last year. I’ve only tasted the blend so far, but I look forward to also tasting the single malt and the grain whiskey eventually.

Red Earl is a blend of grain whiskey, matured in bourbon casks, and triple distilled malt whiskey, matured in sherry casks. These whiskeys are matured for 45 months and then married together in ex-Rioja wine casks for at least another 4 months.


It’s quite light on the nose but with a lot of things going on. Grapefruit peel, pineapple, spice, fresh apple, some vanilla, marshmallows, leather, and fresh forest leaves.


A nice coating mouthfeel. There’s spice, earthy notes, cinnamon roll, vanilla, fresh and baked apple, and hints of citrus. The finish is medium with light spice.

This is not the big bold flavour-bomb of whiskey but it is very pleasant and has more complexity than many other blends in the same price range. You’ll find it for around €40 in many Off-Licence shops and the usual places online such as Celtic whiskey shop and Irish malts.

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