Privacy and cookies

About me and the site

I'm Susanne, owner of Whisky Queen. I really dislike the business model of today's tech, that violates people's privacy. I constantly look for ethical alternatives to popular services.


I'm using a new comment service called FastComments. They only collect your name and e-mail address. Read more here.

Your submitted e-mail address won't be shown but it will be checked to see if there is a Gravatar image connected to it. It will also be used to send you notifications when there's a reply to your comment.

If you want to delete your data

When you comment, an account is created with Fastcomments. If you want to delete your data (including comments), go to this URL to login. This is a password free service, so an e-mail will be sent to you. Click the link in that e-mail. Then click "My account" further down the page. You can now modify your account settings and at the bottom of the page there is a "Delete account" button. If you choose to do this, all your data will be deleted.

Cookies & trackers

To disable cookies in your browser, click here to learn how.

I do my best to keep cookies at a minimum here.
All YouTube videos you'll see on this site are embedded in privacy mode so there'll be no tracking cookies.

If you use Ghostery or similar add-ons for tracker blocking, you may see that there is a tracker from Typekit. This only checks the website to enable the fonts I'm using and to check certain information to improve the font service. No cookies are used.


I use a privacy respecting, cookie-less statistics service called Plausible. It will collect anonymous data about visitors, such as:

  • Your location
  • What device you use
  • What pages or posts are popular.

This helps me improve the site and its content.
Read more about Plausible and privacy here.

Do you have questions? Contact me.