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About me and the site

I'm Susanne, owner of Whisky Queen. I really dislike the business model of today's tech, that violates people's privacy. I constantly look for ethical alternatives to popular services.


I'm using a new comment service called FastComments. They only collect your name and e-mail address. Read more here.

Cookies & trackers

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I do my best to keep cookies at a minimum here.
All YouTube videos you'll see on this site are embedded in privacy mode so there'll be no tracking cookies.

If you use Ghostery or similar add-ons for tracker blocking, you may see that there is a tracker from Typekit. This only checks the website to enable the fonts I'm using and to check certain information to improve the font service. No cookies are used.


I use a privacy respecting, cookie-less statistics service called Plausible. It will collect anonymous data about visitors, such as:

  • Your location
  • What device you use
  • What pages or posts are popular.

This helps me improve the site and its content.
Read more about Plausible and privacy here.

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