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Mackmyra Björksav

You all know that I’m a fan of Mackmyra. I love how they think outside the box and don’t hesitate to try new concepts that people don’t usually associate with whisky – and I’m in love with the fabulous drops from their private casks.

I’ve missed quite a few of Mackmyra’s special releases because it’s so hard to get them here. But I have some lovely Twitter contacts, and after a conversation earlier this year I was offered a sample of a Germany-only Mackmyra release – and in the same parcel, there was also a sample of Mackmyra Björksav.

Björksav, which means birch sap, was Mackmyra’s spring release of 2021. I had no idea what to expect when I first heard about it! While some people I know have tasted birch sap wine, I haven’t. But I was curious, and also read some excellent reviews of it.

The whisky is made from a few different components.

  • 30% whisky matured in bourbon casks
  • 24% whisky matured in Oloroso sherry casks
  • 20% whisky matured in casks that have been seasoned with birch sap wine from Grythyttans winery
  • 18% whisky matured in different spice casks (whatever that means exactly?)
  • 8% whisky matured in Swedish oak casks
Mackmyra Björksav


Pronounced aromas – cinnamon rolls, almond, something musty and earthy, summer meadow flowers, orange and toffee.


A nice oily mouthfeel. Inviting sweet flavour with baked apple and cinnamon, honey, nuts, Digestive biscuits and a touch of bitter almond. A medium finish with baked fruit and toffee, and a subtle bitterness.

This made my palate happy. It’s rich and tasty, with a pleasant mix of flavours, an intriguing earthiness and something that reminds me of my childhood summers. The first time I nosed it, I thought of fresh birch leaves – but I certainly must have been biased by knowing about the birch sap wine cask. Or not – it wouldn’t be the first time I get those aromas from a Mackmyra!

This is probably one of the best commercially available Mackmyra whiskies I’ve had, alongside the Vinterglöd. And I think it’s still available to buy in certain places.


2 responses to “Mackmyra Björksav”

  1. Richie Phelan avatar

    I’ve looked at it on the shelf of my local Systembolaget in the spring but didn’t buy it and had thought about it a few times since, so I’ve just ordered one now. I trust your judgement 🙂

    1. Susanne avatar

      I hope you’ll like it! Every palate is different, of course. And I liked it best the first time I tasted it, but the second time I might have been a little bit impaired after having tasted a rum just before! However, it is still very nice and tasty and definitely has more power to it than any of the core range whiskies, and more than the other seasonal release I tasted (can’t remember the name of it, something to do with cherries? I think).

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