Jameson Triple Triple

Jameson Triple Triple

What kind of name is this?

Well, it’s a nice travel exclusive from Midleton – a triple distilled and triple casked Jameson. My husband has been in Sweden during the week for work, and at 4 am or something in the morning on Tuesday, he came across the lovely ladies at The Loop at Cork airport and tasted some new whiskeys. This one was the one he surprised me with when he came back this afternoon. Not bad!

Now, I’ve understood that travel exclusives don’t have the best reputation in the big whiskey world out there. However, I’m always interested in tasting new whiskeys, and this definitely was a very nice new addition to the Jameson family.

Jameson Triple Triple

It’s a typical Jameson blend with the vanilla and spiciness, but not only – it’s been matured in the usual bourbon and sherry casks, but also in Malaga casks, like the Yellow spot.


Lots of vanilla. Apricot and/or citrus fruits, oak, and that nice spiciness as is to be expected with a Jameson. A nice fruity sweetness – something like the light yellow Bassett’s wine gum.


I really get the feel of a single pot still. Creamy and soft, with oak, tropical fruit, and an undefined spiciness. The Malaga wine cask definitely comes through, there’s a different kind of sweetness that I’m not used to in a Jameson. Very nice finish that is quite dry on the palate, but with a lingering sweetness.

I really liked this whiskey. My first impression was that of the Powers single pot stills, but with more wood and spice. It’s quite light-bodied, and I usually prefer a bit higher ABV but definitely worth sipping!!


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