Flying Tumbler The Bird

Flying Tumbler – The Bird

This sample was kindly offered to me for free by Flying Tumbler

This whiskey was released in August 2020, and is the inaugural release by a new independent bottling company Flying Tumbler. It’s based in county Carlow, founded by members of the Walsh family who have returned to Ireland after working in different parts of the world. The brand name is inspired by the Irish tumbler, a pigeon that can fly continuously long distances to reach its destination. 

The Walsh team collaborates with different Irish distilleries to source casks of whiskey to fit their specifications, and they bottle the final whiskey themselves at Carlow brewing company.
For The Bird, grain and malt whiskeys matured in ex-bourbon and ex-Oloroso sherry casks have been blended together, and the final whiskey has then been bottled at 43% ABV. 

Flying Tumbler The Bird


Medium nose with lots of vanilla as well as citrus peel and wood spice. 


Light-bodied. Very spicy entrance on the palate – then vanilla and hints of citrus but there are darker fruit notes there too, as well as hints of another more earthy flavour. The spice is very present throughout and gives a medium finish.  

This is a nice sipper whiskey, in the more uncomplicated category but with a very pleasing spice as addition to the lighter fruit and vanilla flavours. Good introduction to a new brand and I’m looking forward to seeing what more they’ll do in the future. Thanks again to Flying Tumbler for offering me this sample!


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